Commit 007e6c0b authored by Breno Rilho Lemos's avatar Breno Rilho Lemos 💬
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Correct sample animation mistake

parent f248344d
......@@ -356,8 +356,8 @@ if [ "$SAMPLE" = "true" ]; then
blender -noaudio --background -P -- -radius=0.05 \
-duration=${DURATION} -cameras="${CAMERAS}" -datafile="d-esd-detail.dat" -simulated_t=0.03\
-fps=${FPS} -resolution=${RESOLUTION} -transparency=${TRANSPARENCY} -stamp_note=\
"" -its=${ITS} \
-fps=${FPS} -resolution=${RESOLUTION} -transparency=${TRANSPARENCY} \
-stamp_note="" -its=${ITS}\
-tpc=${TPC} -trd=${TRD} -emcal=${EMCAL} -detailed_tpc=${DETAILED_TPC} \
-blendersave=${BLENDERSAVE} -picpct=${PICPCT} -tpc_blender_path=${BLENDER_SCRIPT_DIR}
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