Commit 3de82235 authored by Lucas Mello Schnorr's avatar Lucas Mello Schnorr
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use unique id

parent 19e6039f
......@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ elif [ "$DEFAULT" = "false" ]; then
blender -noaudio --background -P -- -radius=0.05 -duration=${DURATION} -camera=${type} -datafile="${LOCAL_FILE_WITH_DATA}" -n_event=${EVENT_ID} -simulated_t=0.03 -fps=24 -resolution=${RESOLUTION} -stamp_note="${EVENT_UNIQUE_ID}"
# Move generated file to final location
mv /tmp/blender/* ${BLENDER_OUTPUT}
echo "${type} for event ${EVENT_ID} done."
echo "${type} for event ${EVENT_UNIQUE_ID} done."
# Move processed file to final location
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