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# ALICE Open Data Blender animation
## Project Description
This project has the purpose of generating a 3D animation of an ALICE particle collision event, inside the LHC, using data obtained from CERN's Open Data Portal, which makes ESDs - Event Summary Data files, that contain information about such events - open and available for analysis.
ESD files regarding the ALICE experiment can be found on, and they should be processed using the Aliroot software, as indicated in the AliESD_Example git repository:
The software that makes the animation is Blender, which is free and open source. Blender's 2.79b version should be downloaded for this project, and can be found on
The animation making can be summarized in three basic steps:
1) Downloading of an ESD file (for example, any file on this list:;
2) Processing of ESD file using Aliroot macros;
3) Run code to generate Blender animation using the ESD processing results.
## Requirements
* Blender 2.79b
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