Commit ba121796 authored by Víctor Fernandes Gandara's avatar Víctor Fernandes Gandara
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Adicionei o módulo CPDigiCPAmpIface

parent 620c3135
int readCPAmp()
//Lê o valor do CPAmp na entrada ADC e o retorna
return 0;
void reset_SnH(int SnH_Reset_Time)
//Manda um pulso para o pino de reset do CPAmp por um valor de tempo SnH_Reset_Time
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ unsigned long sensors_last_time = 0;
#include "CPDigiLibs/CPDigiMain.c"
#include "CPDigiLibs/CPDigiCPAmpIface.c"
#include "CPDigiLibs/CPDigiCritical.c"
#include "CPDigiLibs/CPDigiDataHubIface.c"
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