Commit 2b7a1855 authored by labfis's avatar labfis
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FIX: auto-search for pip binaries

parent 03e02771
......@@ -2,9 +2,6 @@ PYVER := 3
VENV := .venv
INODIR := .ino
PIP3 := pip-3.2
PIP2 := pip-2.7
all: help
......@@ -66,8 +63,13 @@ uninstall: undeploy-logger clean-venv clean-ino
sudo apt-get install python python3 python3-pip supervisor python-pip
sudo ${PIP3} install virtualenv
sudo ${PIP2} install ino
@ echo "Finding pip3 binary.."
$(eval PIP3 := $(shell dpkg -L python3-pip | tail -1))
@ echo "PIP3=$(PIP3)"
$(eval PIP2 := $(shell dpkg -L python-pip | tail -1))
@ echo "PIP2=$(PIP2)"
sudo $(PIP3) install -v virtualenv
sudo $(PIP2) install -v ino
setup: apt-install venv
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