Commit 433cee49 authored by Nelso Jost's avatar Nelso Jost
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FIX: work around root permissions on data/ files

parent 0e66ceea
...@@ -75,8 +75,10 @@ sync-rtc: ...@@ -75,8 +75,10 @@ sync-rtc:
run-logger: run-logger:
${VENV}/bin/python logger/ ${VENV}/bin/python logger/
deploy-logger: deploy-logger: undeploy-logger
mkdir -p logger/logs mkdir -p logger/logs
sudo touch data/datalog.csv data/ougoing.json
sudo chmod a+w data/*
sudo ${VENV}/bin/python${PYVER} logger/ sudo ${VENV}/bin/python${PYVER} logger/
undeploy-logger: undeploy-logger:
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