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FIX: better settings

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# server's full base address for sendind requests (must end with /)
BASE_URL: http://localhost:5000/
# server's full base address for sendind requests
# valid board ID to which data will be sent
# list of sensors that will be
- nickname: DHT22_TEMP
data_format: FLOAT
- nickname: DHT22_AH
data_format: FLOAT
- nickname: BMP085_PRESSURE
data_format: INTEGER
- nickname: LDR
data_format: FLOAT
- {nickname: DHT22_TEMP, data_format: FLOAT}
- {nickname: DHT22_AH, data_format: FLOAT}
- {nickname: BMP085_PRESSURE, data_format: INTEGER}
- {nickname: LDR, data_format: FLOAT}
# comma-separated list of USB ports that may have the Arduino plugged in
SERIAL_PORT: /dev/ttyACM0, /dev/ttyACM1
# Arduino serial communication protocol (same as meteorolog/meteorolog.ino)
BAUD_RATE: 9600 # 115200 seems unstable with Uno + PySerial
# time to sleep between readings
# CSV delimiter to be used on the file DATA_LOG_FILENAME
# file which will hold all data locally (regardless of the web server)
DATA_LOG_FILENAME: datalog.csv
# temp file that hold data when server is off and will be sent when on
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