Commit a7e1c47e authored by Nelso Jost's avatar Nelso Jost
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FIX: minor comment fixes

parent 6491490f
# full URL that accepts POST method for sending data to the server
# WARNING: replace 'BID' with a valid board ID board ID number
# WARNING: replace the end 'BID' with a valid board ID number
# time between readings attempts (cycles of the logger execution)
READING_INTERVAL: {seconds: 10, minutes: 0, hours: 0, days: 0}
READING_INTERVAL: {days: 0, hours:0, minutes: 0, seconds: 10}
# format of the datetime column (see Python docs on datetime module)
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ ARDUINO:
BAUD_RATE: 9600 # 115200 seems unstable with Uno + PySerial
# time (in seconds) to wait before send a readrequest to the serial port
# time (in seconds) to wait before send a new serial read request
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