Tracking Action class added

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class B1TrackingAction : public G4UserTrackingAction
#ifndef TrackingAction_h
#define TrackingAction_h
#include "G4UserTrackingAction.hh"
#include "G4LogicalVolume.hh"
#include <map>
class G4Region;
class G4ParticleDefinition;
class B1DetectorConstruction;
class B1TrackingAction : public G4UserTrackingAction
//aqui ficam as variáveis da classe
B1DetectorConstruction* fworld;
G4Region* fworldRegion;
G4LogicalVolume* worldVolume;
const G4ParticleDefinition* particle_def;
std::map<const G4ParticleDefinition*, int> fNParticleOutsideWorld;
std::map<const G4ParticleDefinition*, int> fNParticleInWorld;
//aqui ficam as funçes que a classe terá
B1TrackingAction(B1DetectorConstruction* world); //construtor
~B1TrackingAction(); //destrutor
virtual void PreUserTrackingAction(const G4Track* track);
std::map<const G4ParticleDefinition*, int>& GetNParticlesCreatedOutsideWorld()
return fNParticleOutsideWorld;
virtual void PreUserTrackingAction(G4Track *track);
virtual void PostUserTrackingAction(G4Track *track);
std::map<const G4ParticleDefinition*, int>& GetNParticlesCreatedInWorld()
return fNParticleInWorld;
void clearParticles();
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