h of cylinder increased

parent 3fa39140
......@@ -70,11 +70,11 @@ G4VPhysicalVolume* B1DetectorConstruction::Construct()
//caracteristicas do cilíndro
G4double raio_i = 0.*cm;
G4double raio_e = 60.*cm;
G4double h = 25.*cm;
G4double raio_e = 6000.*cm;
G4double h = 9000.*cm;
G4double theta_0 = 0.*deg;
G4double theta_f = 360.*deg;
G4Material* world_mat = nist->FindOrBuildMaterial("G4_WATER");
G4Material* world_mat = nist->FindOrBuildMaterial("G4_AIR");
G4Tubs* cilindro = new G4Tubs("world", raio_i, raio_e, h, theta_0, theta_f);
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