Commit 60c187aa authored by Cristiano Krug's avatar Cristiano Krug
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Delete mfc-logger.planner

parent c70fd5e0
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="" company="" manager="" phase="" project-start="20210425T000000Z" mrproject-version="2" calendar="1">
<day-type id="0" name="Working" description="A default working day"/>
<day-type id="1" name="Nonworking" description="A default non working day"/>
<day-type id="2" name="Use base" description="Use day from base calendar"/>
<calendar id="1" name="Default">
<default-week mon="0" tue="0" wed="0" thu="0" fri="0" sat="1" sun="1"/>
<overridden-day-type id="0">
<interval start="0800" end="1200"/>
<interval start="1300" end="1700"/>
<task id="1" name="Inser&#xE7;&#xE3;o no projeto" note="" work="288000" start="20210425T000000Z" end="20210430T170000Z" work-start="20210426T080000Z" percent-complete="0" priority="0" type="normal" scheduling="fixed-work"/>
<resource id="1" name="Guilherme Porto" short-name="Guilherme" type="1" units="0" email="" note="" std-rate="0"/>
<resource id="2" name="Samuel Locatelli" short-name="Samuel" type="1" units="0" email="" note="" std-rate="0"/>
<allocation task-id="1" resource-id="1" units="100"/>
<allocation task-id="1" resource-id="2" units="100"/>
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