Commit 1375265a authored by Alisson Claudino's avatar Alisson Claudino
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EDIT: Shunt power resistors for alimentation input

parent 265fcc18
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(export (version D) (export (version D)
(design (design
(source /home/alissomc/SADAMAP/Circuits/V_AMP.sch) (source /home/alissomc/SADAMAP/Circuits/V_AMP/V_AMP.sch)
(date "Dom 17 Dez 2017 23:53:41 BRST") (date "Qua 31 Jan 2018 17:52:49 -02")
(tool "Eeschema 4.0.7-e2-6376~58~ubuntu14.04.1") (tool "Eeschema 4.0.7-e2-6376~58~ubuntu14.04.1")
(sheet (number 1) (name /) (tstamps /) (sheet (number 1) (name /) (tstamps /)
(title_block (title_block
(title "10x to 100x Precision Pre-Amplifier for Generic Sensors ") (title "10x to 100x Precision Pre-Amplifier for Generic Sensors ")
(company "LAPMA - IF/UFRGS") (company "LAPMA - IF/UFRGS")
(rev 1) (rev 1)
(date 2017-12-15) (date 2017-12-18)
(source V_AMP.sch) (source V_AMP.sch)
(comment (number 1) (value "All resistors are 1/8W, except R16 and R17, 1W")) (comment (number 1) (value "All resistors are 1/8W, except R16 and R17, 1W. The RX resistor is an optional attenuator"))
(comment (number 2) (value "There's a saturation indicator for output higher than 5V")) (comment (number 2) (value "There's a saturation indicator for output higher than 5V"))
(comment (number 3) (value "The gain adjust must be set for a range in 0 to 5V output voltage")) (comment (number 3) (value "The gain adjust must be set for a range in 0 to 5V output voltage"))
(comment (number 4) (value "Designed by Alisson Claudino"))))) (comment (number 4) (value "Designed by Alisson Claudino")))))
...@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ ...@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26C746)) (tstamp 5A26C746))
(comp (ref U1) (comp (ref U1)
(value OPA177) (value OPA277)
(footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads) (footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads)
(libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177)) (libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
...@@ -105,12 +105,6 @@ ...@@ -105,12 +105,6 @@
(libsource (lib device) (part R)) (libsource (lib device) (part R))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26D0A3)) (tstamp 5A26D0A3))
(comp (ref U3)
(value OPA177)
(footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads)
(libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26D235))
(comp (ref R13) (comp (ref R13)
(value 27k) (value 27k)
(footprint w_pth_resistors:RC03) (footprint w_pth_resistors:RC03)
...@@ -260,7 +254,13 @@ ...@@ -260,7 +254,13 @@
(footprint Connectors:bornier3) (footprint Connectors:bornier3)
(libsource (lib conn) (part CONN_01X03)) (libsource (lib conn) (part CONN_01X03))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A37B0B0))) (tstamp 5A37B0B0))
(comp (ref U3)
(value OPA277)
(footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads)
(libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26D235)))
(libparts (libparts
(libpart (lib conn) (part BNC) (libpart (lib conn) (part BNC)
(footprints (footprints
...@@ -440,139 +440,139 @@ ...@@ -440,139 +440,139 @@
(libraries (libraries
(library (logical conn) (library (logical conn)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/conn.lib)) (uri /usr/share/kicad/library/conn.lib))
(library (logical linear)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/linear.lib))
(library (logical device) (library (logical device)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/device.lib))) (uri /usr/share/kicad/library/device.lib))
(library (logical linear)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/linear.lib)))
(nets (nets
(net (code 1) (name "Net-(P2-Pad1)") (net (code 1) (name "Net-(D4-Pad1)")
(node (ref RV1) (pin 2))
(node (ref P2) (pin 1))
(node (ref RV1) (pin 1)))
(net (code 2) (name "Net-(C9-Pad1)")
(node (ref C9) (pin 1))
(node (ref R13) (pin 1))
(node (ref U3) (pin 2))
(node (ref R12) (pin 1)))
(net (code 3) (name "Net-(R8-Pad1)")
(node (ref U2) (pin 2))
(node (ref R8) (pin 1)))
(net (code 4) (name "Net-(D4-Pad1)")
(node (ref D4) (pin 1)) (node (ref D4) (pin 1))
(node (ref R14) (pin 1)) (node (ref P3) (pin 1))
(node (ref P3) (pin 1))) (node (ref R14) (pin 1)))
(net (code 5) (name "Net-(R12-Pad2)") (net (code 2) (name "Net-(R12-Pad2)")
(node (ref R12) (pin 2)) (node (ref R12) (pin 2))
(node (ref RV1) (pin 3))) (node (ref RV1) (pin 3)))
(net (code 6) (name "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (net (code 3) (name "Net-(P2-Pad1)")
(node (ref R3) (pin 1)) (node (ref RV1) (pin 1))
(node (ref C1) (pin 1)) (node (ref RV1) (pin 2))
(node (ref U1) (pin 3))) (node (ref P2) (pin 1)))
(net (code 7) (name "Net-(C2-Pad2)") (net (code 4) (name "Net-(R8-Pad1)")
(node (ref R4) (pin 1)) (node (ref U2) (pin 2))
(node (ref C2) (pin 2)) (node (ref R8) (pin 1)))
(net (code 5) (name +8V)
(node (ref U3) (pin 7))
(node (ref R16) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 8))
(node (ref C11) (pin 1))
(node (ref U1) (pin 7))
(node (ref R6) (pin 1))
(node (ref C3) (pin 2))
(node (ref R15) (pin 1))
(node (ref C6) (pin 2)))
(net (code 6) (name "Net-(C2-Pad2)")
(node (ref R5) (pin 2)) (node (ref R5) (pin 2))
(node (ref U1) (pin 2))) (node (ref U1) (pin 2))
(net (code 8) (name "Net-(P1-Pad1)") (node (ref R4) (pin 1))
(node (ref P1) (pin 1)) (node (ref C2) (pin 2)))
(node (ref R1) (pin 1)) (net (code 7) (name "Net-(C1-Pad1)")
(node (ref R2) (pin 2))) (node (ref U1) (pin 3))
(net (code 9) (name "Net-(D1-Pad2)") (node (ref R3) (pin 1))
(node (ref R3) (pin 2)) (node (ref C1) (pin 1)))
(node (ref R2) (pin 1)) (net (code 8) (name "Net-(C9-Pad1)")
(node (ref D1) (pin 2))) (node (ref U3) (pin 2))
(net (code 10) (name "Net-(C7-Pad2)") (node (ref C9) (pin 1))
(node (ref U3) (pin 3)) (node (ref R13) (pin 1))
(node (ref R12) (pin 1)))
(net (code 9) (name "Net-(C7-Pad2)")
(node (ref R11) (pin 2)) (node (ref R11) (pin 2))
(node (ref U3) (pin 3))
(node (ref R10) (pin 1)) (node (ref R10) (pin 1))
(node (ref C7) (pin 2))) (node (ref C7) (pin 2)))
(net (code 11) (name OUT2) (net (code 10) (name "Net-(U3-Pad8)")
(node (ref R8) (pin 2)) (node (ref U3) (pin 8)))
(node (ref C9) (pin 2)) (net (code 12) (name "Net-(U2-Pad7)")
(node (ref R14) (pin 2))
(node (ref U3) (pin 6))
(node (ref R13) (pin 2)))
(net (code 14) (name "Net-(U2-Pad7)")
(node (ref U2) (pin 7))) (node (ref U2) (pin 7)))
(net (code 15) (name GND) (net (code 13) (name GND)
(node (ref C8) (pin 1))
(node (ref D2) (pin 2))
(node (ref C1) (pin 2))
(node (ref R1) (pin 2))
(node (ref P1) (pin 2))
(node (ref C4) (pin 1))
(node (ref P2) (pin 2)) (node (ref P2) (pin 2))
(node (ref D4) (pin 2))
(node (ref P3) (pin 2))
(node (ref C7) (pin 1)) (node (ref C7) (pin 1))
(node (ref R11) (pin 1)) (node (ref R11) (pin 1))
(node (ref C10) (pin 1)) (node (ref C8) (pin 1))
(node (ref P3) (pin 2))
(node (ref D4) (pin 2))
(node (ref R7) (pin 2))
(node (ref C11) (pin 2))
(node (ref C3) (pin 1))
(node (ref C5) (pin 1)) (node (ref C5) (pin 1))
(node (ref R7) (pin 2))
(node (ref C6) (pin 1)) (node (ref C6) (pin 1))
(node (ref C3) (pin 1))
(node (ref C1) (pin 2))
(node (ref R1) (pin 2))
(node (ref P1) (pin 2))
(node (ref D2) (pin 2))
(node (ref C4) (pin 1))
(node (ref R4) (pin 2)) (node (ref R4) (pin 2))
(node (ref U2) (pin 6)) (node (ref C11) (pin 2))
(node (ref C10) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 5)) (node (ref U2) (pin 5))
(node (ref U2) (pin 6))
(node (ref P4) (pin 1))) (node (ref P4) (pin 1)))
(net (code 16) (name "Net-(D1-Pad1)") (net (code 15) (name OUT2)
(node (ref D1) (pin 1)) (node (ref U3) (pin 6))
(node (ref D2) (pin 1))) (node (ref C9) (pin 2))
(net (code 17) (name "Net-(P4-Pad3)") (node (ref R8) (pin 2))
(node (ref P4) (pin 3)) (node (ref R13) (pin 2))
(node (ref R16) (pin 2))) (node (ref R14) (pin 2)))
(net (code 18) (name "Net-(P4-Pad2)") (net (code 16) (name "Net-(U3-Pad5)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 5)))
(net (code 17) (name "Net-(U3-Pad1)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 1)))
(net (code 18) (name "Net-(P4-Pad3)")
(node (ref R16) (pin 2))
(node (ref P4) (pin 3)))
(net (code 19) (name "Net-(P4-Pad2)")
(node (ref P4) (pin 2)) (node (ref P4) (pin 2))
(node (ref R17) (pin 2))) (node (ref R17) (pin 2)))
(net (code 19) (name "Net-(U3-Pad8)") (net (code 20) (name "Net-(D5-Pad2)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 8))) (node (ref D5) (pin 2))
(net (code 20) (name "Net-(D3-Pad2)") (node (ref R15) (pin 2)))
(node (ref R9) (pin 1))
(node (ref D3) (pin 2)))
(net (code 21) (name "Net-(D3-Pad1)") (net (code 21) (name "Net-(D3-Pad1)")
(node (ref U2) (pin 1))
(node (ref D3) (pin 1)) (node (ref D3) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 1))
(node (ref D5) (pin 1))) (node (ref D5) (pin 1)))
(net (code 22) (name "Net-(R6-Pad2)") (net (code 22) (name "Net-(D3-Pad2)")
(node (ref R6) (pin 2)) (node (ref R9) (pin 1))
(node (ref D3) (pin 2)))
(net (code 23) (name "Net-(R6-Pad2)")
(node (ref R7) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 3)) (node (ref U2) (pin 3))
(node (ref R9) (pin 2)) (node (ref R9) (pin 2))
(node (ref R7) (pin 1))) (node (ref R6) (pin 2)))
(net (code 23) (name -8V) (net (code 24) (name -8V)
(node (ref U1) (pin 4))
(node (ref U2) (pin 4)) (node (ref U2) (pin 4))
(node (ref C10) (pin 2))
(node (ref R17) (pin 1))
(node (ref U3) (pin 4)) (node (ref U3) (pin 4))
(node (ref C5) (pin 2))
(node (ref C4) (pin 2)) (node (ref C4) (pin 2))
(node (ref C8) (pin 2)) (node (ref U1) (pin 4))
(node (ref C5) (pin 2))) (node (ref C10) (pin 2))
(net (code 24) (name +8V) (node (ref R17) (pin 1))
(node (ref C11) (pin 1)) (node (ref C8) (pin 2)))
(node (ref U2) (pin 8)) (net (code 25) (name "Net-(D1-Pad1)")
(node (ref R6) (pin 1)) (node (ref D1) (pin 1))
(node (ref C3) (pin 2)) (node (ref D2) (pin 1)))
(node (ref U1) (pin 7)) (net (code 26) (name OUT1)
(node (ref U3) (pin 7))
(node (ref R15) (pin 1))
(node (ref R16) (pin 1))
(node (ref C6) (pin 2)))
(net (code 25) (name "Net-(D5-Pad2)")
(node (ref D5) (pin 2))
(node (ref R15) (pin 2)))
(net (code 26) (name "Net-(U3-Pad5)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 5)))
(net (code 27) (name "Net-(U3-Pad1)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 1)))
(net (code 28) (name OUT1)
(node (ref R10) (pin 2)) (node (ref R10) (pin 2))
(node (ref C2) (pin 1)) (node (ref C2) (pin 1))
(node (ref R5) (pin 1)) (node (ref R5) (pin 1))
(node (ref U1) (pin 6))) (node (ref U1) (pin 6)))
(net (code 29) (name "Net-(U1-Pad1)") (net (code 27) (name "Net-(U1-Pad1)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 1))) (node (ref U1) (pin 1)))
(net (code 30) (name "Net-(U1-Pad8)") (net (code 28) (name "Net-(U1-Pad8)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 8))) (node (ref U1) (pin 8)))
(net (code 31) (name "Net-(U1-Pad5)") (net (code 29) (name "Net-(U1-Pad5)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 5))))) (node (ref U1) (pin 5)))
\ No newline at end of file (net (code 30) (name "Net-(P1-Pad1)")
(node (ref R1) (pin 1))
(node (ref P1) (pin 1))
(node (ref R2) (pin 2)))
(net (code 31) (name "Net-(D1-Pad2)")
(node (ref R2) (pin 1))
(node (ref R3) (pin 2))
(node (ref D1) (pin 2)))))
\ No newline at end of file
update=31/01/2018 05:20:33 update=Qua 31 Jan 2018 20:32:57 -02
version=1 version=1
last_client=kicad last_client=kicad
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