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EDIT: Shunt power resistors for alimentation input

parent 265fcc18
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(export (version D) (export (version D)
(design (design
(source /home/alissomc/SADAMAP/Circuits/V_AMP.sch) (source /home/alissomc/SADAMAP/Circuits/V_AMP/V_AMP.sch)
(date "Dom 17 Dez 2017 23:53:41 BRST") (date "Qua 31 Jan 2018 17:52:49 -02")
(tool "Eeschema 4.0.7-e2-6376~58~ubuntu14.04.1") (tool "Eeschema 4.0.7-e2-6376~58~ubuntu14.04.1")
(sheet (number 1) (name /) (tstamps /) (sheet (number 1) (name /) (tstamps /)
(title_block (title_block
(title "10x to 100x Precision Pre-Amplifier for Generic Sensors ") (title "10x to 100x Precision Pre-Amplifier for Generic Sensors ")
(company "LAPMA - IF/UFRGS") (company "LAPMA - IF/UFRGS")
(rev 1) (rev 1)
(date 2017-12-15) (date 2017-12-18)
(source V_AMP.sch) (source V_AMP.sch)
(comment (number 1) (value "All resistors are 1/8W, except R16 and R17, 1W")) (comment (number 1) (value "All resistors are 1/8W, except R16 and R17, 1W. The RX resistor is an optional attenuator"))
(comment (number 2) (value "There's a saturation indicator for output higher than 5V")) (comment (number 2) (value "There's a saturation indicator for output higher than 5V"))
(comment (number 3) (value "The gain adjust must be set for a range in 0 to 5V output voltage")) (comment (number 3) (value "The gain adjust must be set for a range in 0 to 5V output voltage"))
(comment (number 4) (value "Designed by Alisson Claudino"))))) (comment (number 4) (value "Designed by Alisson Claudino")))))
...@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ ...@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26C746)) (tstamp 5A26C746))
(comp (ref U1) (comp (ref U1)
(value OPA177) (value OPA277)
(footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads) (footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads)
(libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177)) (libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
...@@ -105,12 +105,6 @@ ...@@ -105,12 +105,6 @@
(libsource (lib device) (part R)) (libsource (lib device) (part R))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26D0A3)) (tstamp 5A26D0A3))
(comp (ref U3)
(value OPA177)
(footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads)
(libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26D235))
(comp (ref R13) (comp (ref R13)
(value 27k) (value 27k)
(footprint w_pth_resistors:RC03) (footprint w_pth_resistors:RC03)
...@@ -260,7 +254,13 @@ ...@@ -260,7 +254,13 @@
(footprint Connectors:bornier3) (footprint Connectors:bornier3)
(libsource (lib conn) (part CONN_01X03)) (libsource (lib conn) (part CONN_01X03))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /)) (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A37B0B0))) (tstamp 5A37B0B0))
(comp (ref U3)
(value OPA277)
(footprint Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm_Socket_LongPads)
(libsource (lib linear) (part OPA177))
(sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
(tstamp 5A26D235)))
(libparts (libparts
(libpart (lib conn) (part BNC) (libpart (lib conn) (part BNC)
(footprints (footprints
...@@ -440,139 +440,139 @@ ...@@ -440,139 +440,139 @@
(libraries (libraries
(library (logical conn) (library (logical conn)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/conn.lib)) (uri /usr/share/kicad/library/conn.lib))
(library (logical linear)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/linear.lib))
(library (logical device) (library (logical device)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/device.lib))) (uri /usr/share/kicad/library/device.lib))
(library (logical linear)
(uri /usr/share/kicad/library/linear.lib)))
(nets (nets
(net (code 1) (name "Net-(P2-Pad1)") (net (code 1) (name "Net-(D4-Pad1)")
(node (ref RV1) (pin 2))
(node (ref P2) (pin 1))
(node (ref RV1) (pin 1)))
(net (code 2) (name "Net-(C9-Pad1)")
(node (ref C9) (pin 1))
(node (ref R13) (pin 1))
(node (ref U3) (pin 2))
(node (ref R12) (pin 1)))
(net (code 3) (name "Net-(R8-Pad1)")
(node (ref U2) (pin 2))
(node (ref R8) (pin 1)))
(net (code 4) (name "Net-(D4-Pad1)")
(node (ref D4) (pin 1)) (node (ref D4) (pin 1))
(node (ref R14) (pin 1)) (node (ref P3) (pin 1))
(node (ref P3) (pin 1))) (node (ref R14) (pin 1)))
(net (code 5) (name "Net-(R12-Pad2)") (net (code 2) (name "Net-(R12-Pad2)")
(node (ref R12) (pin 2)) (node (ref R12) (pin 2))
(node (ref RV1) (pin 3))) (node (ref RV1) (pin 3)))
(net (code 6) (name "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (net (code 3) (name "Net-(P2-Pad1)")
(node (ref R3) (pin 1)) (node (ref RV1) (pin 1))
(node (ref C1) (pin 1)) (node (ref RV1) (pin 2))
(node (ref U1) (pin 3))) (node (ref P2) (pin 1)))
(net (code 7) (name "Net-(C2-Pad2)") (net (code 4) (name "Net-(R8-Pad1)")
(node (ref R4) (pin 1)) (node (ref U2) (pin 2))
(node (ref C2) (pin 2)) (node (ref R8) (pin 1)))
(net (code 5) (name +8V)
(node (ref U3) (pin 7))
(node (ref R16) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 8))
(node (ref C11) (pin 1))
(node (ref U1) (pin 7))
(node (ref R6) (pin 1))
(node (ref C3) (pin 2))
(node (ref R15) (pin 1))
(node (ref C6) (pin 2)))
(net (code 6) (name "Net-(C2-Pad2)")
(node (ref R5) (pin 2)) (node (ref R5) (pin 2))
(node (ref U1) (pin 2))) (node (ref U1) (pin 2))
(net (code 8) (name "Net-(P1-Pad1)") (node (ref R4) (pin 1))
(node (ref P1) (pin 1)) (node (ref C2) (pin 2)))
(node (ref R1) (pin 1)) (net (code 7) (name "Net-(C1-Pad1)")
(node (ref R2) (pin 2))) (node (ref U1) (pin 3))
(net (code 9) (name "Net-(D1-Pad2)") (node (ref R3) (pin 1))
(node (ref R3) (pin 2)) (node (ref C1) (pin 1)))
(node (ref R2) (pin 1)) (net (code 8) (name "Net-(C9-Pad1)")
(node (ref D1) (pin 2))) (node (ref U3) (pin 2))
(net (code 10) (name "Net-(C7-Pad2)") (node (ref C9) (pin 1))
(node (ref U3) (pin 3)) (node (ref R13) (pin 1))
(node (ref R12) (pin 1)))
(net (code 9) (name "Net-(C7-Pad2)")
(node (ref R11) (pin 2)) (node (ref R11) (pin 2))
(node (ref U3) (pin 3))
(node (ref R10) (pin 1)) (node (ref R10) (pin 1))
(node (ref C7) (pin 2))) (node (ref C7) (pin 2)))
(net (code 11) (name OUT2) (net (code 10) (name "Net-(U3-Pad8)")
(node (ref R8) (pin 2)) (node (ref U3) (pin 8)))
(node (ref C9) (pin 2)) (net (code 12) (name "Net-(U2-Pad7)")
(node (ref R14) (pin 2))
(node (ref U3) (pin 6))
(node (ref R13) (pin 2)))
(net (code 14) (name "Net-(U2-Pad7)")
(node (ref U2) (pin 7))) (node (ref U2) (pin 7)))
(net (code 15) (name GND) (net (code 13) (name GND)
(node (ref C8) (pin 1))
(node (ref D2) (pin 2))
(node (ref C1) (pin 2))
(node (ref R1) (pin 2))
(node (ref P1) (pin 2))
(node (ref C4) (pin 1))
(node (ref P2) (pin 2)) (node (ref P2) (pin 2))
(node (ref D4) (pin 2))
(node (ref P3) (pin 2))
(node (ref C7) (pin 1)) (node (ref C7) (pin 1))
(node (ref R11) (pin 1)) (node (ref R11) (pin 1))
(node (ref C10) (pin 1)) (node (ref C8) (pin 1))
(node (ref P3) (pin 2))
(node (ref D4) (pin 2))
(node (ref R7) (pin 2))
(node (ref C11) (pin 2))
(node (ref C3) (pin 1))
(node (ref C5) (pin 1)) (node (ref C5) (pin 1))
(node (ref R7) (pin 2))
(node (ref C6) (pin 1)) (node (ref C6) (pin 1))
(node (ref C3) (pin 1))
(node (ref C1) (pin 2))
(node (ref R1) (pin 2))
(node (ref P1) (pin 2))
(node (ref D2) (pin 2))
(node (ref C4) (pin 1))
(node (ref R4) (pin 2)) (node (ref R4) (pin 2))
(node (ref U2) (pin 6)) (node (ref C11) (pin 2))
(node (ref C10) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 5)) (node (ref U2) (pin 5))
(node (ref U2) (pin 6))
(node (ref P4) (pin 1))) (node (ref P4) (pin 1)))
(net (code 16) (name "Net-(D1-Pad1)") (net (code 15) (name OUT2)
(node (ref D1) (pin 1)) (node (ref U3) (pin 6))
(node (ref D2) (pin 1))) (node (ref C9) (pin 2))
(net (code 17) (name "Net-(P4-Pad3)") (node (ref R8) (pin 2))
(node (ref P4) (pin 3)) (node (ref R13) (pin 2))
(node (ref R16) (pin 2))) (node (ref R14) (pin 2)))
(net (code 18) (name "Net-(P4-Pad2)") (net (code 16) (name "Net-(U3-Pad5)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 5)))
(net (code 17) (name "Net-(U3-Pad1)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 1)))
(net (code 18) (name "Net-(P4-Pad3)")
(node (ref R16) (pin 2))
(node (ref P4) (pin 3)))
(net (code 19) (name "Net-(P4-Pad2)")
(node (ref P4) (pin 2)) (node (ref P4) (pin 2))
(node (ref R17) (pin 2))) (node (ref R17) (pin 2)))
(net (code 19) (name "Net-(U3-Pad8)") (net (code 20) (name "Net-(D5-Pad2)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 8))) (node (ref D5) (pin 2))
(net (code 20) (name "Net-(D3-Pad2)") (node (ref R15) (pin 2)))
(node (ref R9) (pin 1))
(node (ref D3) (pin 2)))
(net (code 21) (name "Net-(D3-Pad1)") (net (code 21) (name "Net-(D3-Pad1)")
(node (ref U2) (pin 1))
(node (ref D3) (pin 1)) (node (ref D3) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 1))
(node (ref D5) (pin 1))) (node (ref D5) (pin 1)))
(net (code 22) (name "Net-(R6-Pad2)") (net (code 22) (name "Net-(D3-Pad2)")
(node (ref R6) (pin 2)) (node (ref R9) (pin 1))
(node (ref D3) (pin 2)))
(net (code 23) (name "Net-(R6-Pad2)")
(node (ref R7) (pin 1))
(node (ref U2) (pin 3)) (node (ref U2) (pin 3))
(node (ref R9) (pin 2)) (node (ref R9) (pin 2))
(node (ref R7) (pin 1))) (node (ref R6) (pin 2)))
(net (code 23) (name -8V) (net (code 24) (name -8V)
(node (ref U1) (pin 4))
(node (ref U2) (pin 4)) (node (ref U2) (pin 4))
(node (ref C10) (pin 2))
(node (ref R17) (pin 1))
(node (ref U3) (pin 4)) (node (ref U3) (pin 4))
(node (ref C5) (pin 2))
(node (ref C4) (pin 2)) (node (ref C4) (pin 2))
(node (ref C8) (pin 2)) (node (ref U1) (pin 4))
(node (ref C5) (pin 2))) (node (ref C10) (pin 2))
(net (code 24) (name +8V) (node (ref R17) (pin 1))
(node (ref C11) (pin 1)) (node (ref C8) (pin 2)))
(node (ref U2) (pin 8)) (net (code 25) (name "Net-(D1-Pad1)")
(node (ref R6) (pin 1)) (node (ref D1) (pin 1))
(node (ref C3) (pin 2)) (node (ref D2) (pin 1)))
(node (ref U1) (pin 7)) (net (code 26) (name OUT1)
(node (ref U3) (pin 7))
(node (ref R15) (pin 1))
(node (ref R16) (pin 1))
(node (ref C6) (pin 2)))
(net (code 25) (name "Net-(D5-Pad2)")
(node (ref D5) (pin 2))
(node (ref R15) (pin 2)))
(net (code 26) (name "Net-(U3-Pad5)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 5)))
(net (code 27) (name "Net-(U3-Pad1)")
(node (ref U3) (pin 1)))
(net (code 28) (name OUT1)
(node (ref R10) (pin 2)) (node (ref R10) (pin 2))
(node (ref C2) (pin 1)) (node (ref C2) (pin 1))
(node (ref R5) (pin 1)) (node (ref R5) (pin 1))
(node (ref U1) (pin 6))) (node (ref U1) (pin 6)))
(net (code 29) (name "Net-(U1-Pad1)") (net (code 27) (name "Net-(U1-Pad1)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 1))) (node (ref U1) (pin 1)))
(net (code 30) (name "Net-(U1-Pad8)") (net (code 28) (name "Net-(U1-Pad8)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 8))) (node (ref U1) (pin 8)))
(net (code 31) (name "Net-(U1-Pad5)") (net (code 29) (name "Net-(U1-Pad5)")
(node (ref U1) (pin 5))))) (node (ref U1) (pin 5)))
\ No newline at end of file (net (code 30) (name "Net-(P1-Pad1)")
(node (ref R1) (pin 1))
(node (ref P1) (pin 1))
(node (ref R2) (pin 2)))
(net (code 31) (name "Net-(D1-Pad2)")
(node (ref R2) (pin 1))
(node (ref R3) (pin 2))
(node (ref D1) (pin 2)))))
\ No newline at end of file
update=31/01/2018 05:20:33 update=Qua 31 Jan 2018 20:32:57 -02
version=1 version=1
last_client=kicad last_client=kicad
[pcbnew] [pcbnew]
version=1 version=1
LastNetListRead= LastNetListRead=
UseCmpFile=1 UseCmpFile=1
PadDrill=0.600000000000 PadDrill=0.600000000000
PadDrillOvalY=0.600000000000 PadDrillOvalY=0.600000000000
PadSizeH=1.500000000000 PadSizeH=1.500000000000
PadSizeV=1.500000000000 PadSizeV=1.500000000000
PcbTextSizeV=1.500000000000 PcbTextSizeV=1.500000000000
PcbTextSizeH=1.500000000000 PcbTextSizeH=1.500000000000
PcbTextThickness=0.300000000000 PcbTextThickness=0.300000000000
ModuleTextSizeV=1.000000000000 ModuleTextSizeV=1.000000000000
ModuleTextSizeH=1.000000000000 ModuleTextSizeH=1.000000000000
ModuleTextSizeThickness=0.150000000000 ModuleTextSizeThickness=0.150000000000
SolderMaskClearance=0.000000000000 SolderMaskClearance=0.000000000000
SolderMaskMinWidth=0.000000000000 SolderMaskMinWidth=0.000000000000
DrawSegmentWidth=0.200000000000 DrawSegmentWidth=0.200000000000
BoardOutlineThickness=0.100000000000 BoardOutlineThickness=0.100000000000
ModuleOutlineThickness=0.150000000000 ModuleOutlineThickness=0.150000000000
[cvpcb] [cvpcb]
version=1 version=1
NetIExt=net NetIExt=net
[eeschema] [eeschema]
version=1 version=1
LibDir= LibDir=
[eeschema/libraries] [eeschema/libraries]
LibName1=74xgxx LibName1=74xgxx
LibName2=74xx LibName2=74xx
LibName3=ac-dc LibName3=ac-dc
LibName4=actel LibName4=actel
LibName5=adc-dac LibName5=adc-dac
LibName6=Altera LibName6=Altera
LibName7=analog_devices LibName7=analog_devices
LibName8=analog_switches LibName8=analog_switches
LibName9=atmel LibName9=atmel
LibName10=audio LibName10=audio
LibName11=brooktre LibName11=brooktre
LibName12=cmos4000 LibName12=cmos4000
LibName13=cmos_ieee LibName13=cmos_ieee
LibName14=conn LibName14=conn
LibName15=contrib LibName15=contrib
LibName16=cypress LibName16=cypress
LibName17=dc-dc LibName17=dc-dc
LibName18=device LibName18=device
LibName19=digital-audio LibName19=digital-audio
LibName20=diode LibName20=diode
LibName21=display LibName21=display
LibName22=dsp LibName22=dsp
LibName23=elec-unifil LibName23=elec-unifil
LibName24=ESD_Protection LibName24=ESD_Protection
LibName25=ftdi LibName25=ftdi
LibName26=gennum LibName26=gennum
LibName27=graphic LibName27=graphic
LibName28=hc11 LibName28=hc11
LibName29=intel LibName29=intel
LibName30=interface LibName30=interface
LibName31=ir LibName31=ir
LibName32=Lattice LibName32=Lattice
LibName33=linear LibName33=linear
LibName34=logo LibName34=logo
LibName35=maxim LibName35=maxim
LibName36=memory LibName36=memory
LibName37=microchip LibName37=microchip
LibName38=microchip_dspic33dsc LibName38=microchip_dspic33dsc
LibName39=microchip_pic10mcu LibName39=microchip_pic10mcu
LibName40=microchip_pic12mcu LibName40=microchip_pic12mcu
LibName41=microchip_pic16mcu LibName41=microchip_pic16mcu
LibName42=microchip_pic18mcu LibName42=microchip_pic18mcu
LibName43=microchip_pic32mcu LibName43=microchip_pic32mcu
LibName44=microcontrollers LibName44=microcontrollers
LibName45=motor_drivers LibName45=motor_drivers
LibName46=motorola LibName46=motorola
LibName47=msp430 LibName47=msp430
LibName48=nordicsemi LibName48=nordicsemi
LibName49=nxp_armmcu LibName49=nxp_armmcu
LibName50=onsemi LibName50=onsemi
LibName51=opto LibName51=opto
LibName52=Oscillators LibName52=Oscillators
LibName53=philips LibName53=philips
LibName54=power LibName54=power
LibName55=powerint LibName55=powerint
LibName56=Power_Management LibName56=Power_Management
LibName57=references LibName57=references
LibName58=regul LibName58=regul
LibName59=relays LibName59=relays
LibName60=rfcom LibName60=rfcom
LibName61=sensors LibName61=sensors
LibName62=silabs LibName62=silabs
LibName63=siliconi LibName63=siliconi
LibName64=stm8 LibName64=stm8
LibName65=stm32 LibName65=stm32
LibName66=supertex LibName66=supertex
LibName67=switches LibName67=switches
LibName68=texas LibName68=texas
LibName69=transf LibName69=transf
LibName70=transistors LibName70=transistors
LibName71=ttl_ieee LibName71=ttl_ieee
LibName72=valves LibName72=valves
LibName73=video LibName73=video
LibName74=w_analog LibName74=w_analog
LibName75=w_connectors LibName75=w_connectors
LibName76=w_device LibName76=w_device
LibName77=w_logic LibName77=w_logic
LibName78=w_memory LibName78=w_memory
LibName79=w_microcontrollers LibName79=w_microcontrollers
LibName80=w_opto LibName80=w_opto
LibName81=Worldsemi LibName81=Worldsemi
LibName82=w_relay LibName82=w_relay
LibName83=w_rtx LibName83=w_rtx
LibName84=w_transistor LibName84=w_transistor
LibName85=w_vacuum LibName85=w_vacuum
LibName86=Xicor LibName86=Xicor
LibName87=xilinx LibName87=xilinx
LibName88=Zilog LibName88=Zilog
[schematic_editor] [schematic_editor]
version=1 version=1
PageLayoutDescrFile= PageLayoutDescrFile=
PlotDirectoryName= PlotDirectoryName=
SubpartIdSeparator=0 SubpartIdSeparator=0
SubpartFirstId=65 SubpartFirstId=65
NetFmtName= NetFmtName=
SpiceForceRefPrefix=0 SpiceForceRefPrefix=0
SpiceUseNetNumbers=0 SpiceUseNetNumbers=0
LabSize=60 LabSize=60
[general] [general]
version=1 version=1
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